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Recent advances in the study of solution-processed materials provide exciting new directions in both energy conversion and sensing applications. Novel, sustainable, low-cost, scalable applications become in the realm of possibility with solution processing. Our research interests lie in the control of nanomaterials properties at the micro-and nano-scale to address broad problems in energy conversion and sensing. With nanomaterials being either metallic or semiconducting, with their versatile mechanical, electrical properties and with their high chemical and thermal tolerances, their potential in energy, optoelectronic, and biocompatible applications is unparalleled.


It is thus our goal to investigate the fundamental properties of nanomaterials to realize their full potential in next generation applications such as energy conversion (i.e. light, mechanical, thermal to electrical conversion), sensing, and electronic textiles. Under this broad umbrella of interdisciplinary research, we define three main research directions:

Nanostructuring and its Impact on Carrier Transport

Carbon Sensitized Energy Converters

Light Interactive Electronic Textiles

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