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Light Interactive Electronic Textiles

With the immense possibilities in the electronic textile technology today, our team will develop alternative approaches focused on solution coating and low-temperature patterning where the engineered energy sources or optical components are indistinguishable components of the fabric employed.

With the freedom of easily employing different types of fabric, employing diverse patterns, and connecting the fibers using various techniques such as weaving or felting, there exist massive opportunities of innovative electronic designs. As of now there is no solution to fabricating air-stable, large-surface, solution-coated power textiles.


The objectives in this direction are:

  • Explore solution-processed transparent stretchable conductive particles that can easily infiltrate fabrics, such as graphene nanosheets or even metallic carbon nanotubes to form the electrodes.

  • Study structure integrity and explore the stretchability properties of carbon nanotubes and polymeric elastomers that shield the active layer from electrode diffusion through the fabrics while simultaneously guaranteeing solid contact between all the interfaces of the various fabric layers. With the textile-based substrate being coarse, the processing of all layers will take into account the solubility, temperature stability, adhesion and chemical reactivity of all the underlying materials.

  • Design next-generation Power and Light Interactive Electronic Textiles!

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